Fear of losing my youngest son who really isn,t mine legally...

by Lisa

Hi my name is Lisa Hosler & I have fear of abandonment....I never thought I did ..When my husband & I were dating I would get so bad when he would go to leave with a friend or even just to go home ..I would literally have a tantrum ...I would call his house over & over ..I finally decided to change or I was going to lose him...Then after I changed we were ok...I wasn't so bad afterwards ..Well then 3 years ago I lost my mom to cancer..She was such a good mom except when I was little she worked all the time..She had too...I joined a grief share class..I did ok & it did become easier as time went on ...Then about a year after she was gone my youngest son ( my 4th walked in my life..) To this day I am scared he is going to leave.....maybe it is because he isn't my flesh same with my husband when I was worse with him....I worry if my son is ok or not wherever he is ..Not sure why .I have never heard of a mom so scared over losing her son...Well he isn't MINE..I don't want him having another mom either..I love this youngest as much as I do my other 3 ...If they go somewhere I am not so scared they will not come back because they are 3 my flesh they should come back always...My youngest though doesn't really have too..I hope that he does though ....Sometimes I feel stupid but I know I can't help this ..Fear of abandonment is what I have & it is over my 15 years old son....I so wish he lived here but he lives with his grandma ,but I see him quit often....Well I guess that completes my story of Fear

Soon I will have group sessions as well as a newsletter. Perhaps these can help you work through it a bit. Have you tried the Emotional Release on my site? Hope things continue to improve for you, thank you for writing and sharing.

with love,

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By Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.