A good alternative treatment for depression is never a quick fix

This alternative treatment for depression comes to you via:
mother nature, your nose, and your amygdala (it's in your brain).

There is no ONE cause for your depression and there is no one easy fix..(not even medication).

Think of depression like a knot of hair or string or fishing line. Ever deal with one of those terrible snarls? When you force it you just make it worse.

If you pull out one piece at a time…bit-by-bit-by-bit, suddenly it all falls out and ta da! Snarl, or knot, (or problem)-gets much better.

Depression is a problem that is so big, that has been building for so long, that is so overwhelming -- that your ability to self-heal shuts down. You lose the “power” or energy to deal with your “knots”.

You need to “undo” lots of different things:

  • How you don’t love and accept yourself
  • Your beliefs
  • Your thoughts
  • Toxins in your body
  • Stress chemicals in your body
  • Patterns of responses in your brain
  • How you see other people
  • How you remember your past
  • How you see your future
  • How you see your self

    Well, obviously, I could go on and on. So what is my point?

    My point is this:

    Start by bringing some “good energy” into your system. Don’t expect quick fixes; don’t avoid doing the deep emotional healing work that you need for permanent well-being.

    But in the meantime, you can bring positive, uplifting, building-up, energizing energy into your system.


    LOTS of ways. (See the "start here" link on the left column, top of page, for more tips on alternative treatment for depression).

    ONE way I highly recommend is essential oils. (No, I don’t sell them). Essential Oils are a wonderful way to bring a high vibration into your system for some immediate relief, (or at least a step in the right direction). Go to this site to learn more. About uses of essential oils and emotions

    And what about that "amygdala" brain thing?

    You were born with a fully developed amygdala- the seat of emotions and memory - and an undeveloped prefrontal cortex – the thinking part of the brain.

    “The brain’s remarkable adaptability at birth, together with the infant’s emotional focus on its primary caregiver, sets up a lifelong pattern for the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior.” (Siegel, D. (1999), The Developing Mind)

    ...in other words, the amygdala is your brains' primal link to your pre-thinking, pre-verbal emotional state.

    Emotions were running the show long before you were able to think things through, and these emotions literally shaped your brain (and thus how you experience life).

    Essential oils "go there" like nothing else can. Essential oils bring a very high, pure vibration from NATURE directly to your emotional memory center.

    Essential oils are essential for your 'alternative treatment for depression' toolbox - a powerful "bang for your buck" support. One of the uses for essential oils is just to inhale them to make them last forever(if your budget is like mine!)

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