Abandonment Issues Take the Fun
Out of Relationships

Abandonment issues trigger painful reactions in relationships
...even when you "know better" 

Do relationships tend to trouble you? Do you fear yet another failed relationship? Have you "tried everything" to change?

Finally...a unique "body/emotion"  centered process for healing 

You can heal abandonment issues and:

  • Feel safe to be yourself & trust others
  • Resolve past relationships at a CORE body/emotional level
  • Get your deepest needs met
  • See positive changes in yourself & relationships
  • Feel more EASE & TRUST giving & receiving love

I'm Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., C.R.R.P.  

I help people with abandonment issues who want to feel more secure in their relationships -- who want to ENJOY relationships. 

I've been specializing in healing abandonment issues for many years. I use a unique mind-body-spirit process called Resonance Repatterning® that goes directly to the heart of the matter -- very quickly!

Some time ago, your relationship needs were not met and you didn't have the inner resources to heal the pain of your unmet needs. Now, years later, the way you show up in relationships is not what you want -- but changing turns out to be crazy hard to do.

There are resources (within YOU) that are not YET integrated (that you don't resonate with...YET.)

I help you change quickly and naturally. During your session (phone or Skype audio) we identify specific moments where your needs were not met and we resolve the constrictions and patterns in your body, mind and energy system.

Working as a team we gently resolve what is getting in the way of the relationships you want. We combine these resolutions with physical and energetic healing techniques to bring inner shifts on all levels. Each session is unique and customized to what works best for your needs.

The result is that you feel better AND you actually begin to change from the inside out. Dramatic changes begin to unfold and ripple out into your life.

Sessions develop deep inner shifts around your:
~ability to communicate


Inner strength and wisdom begin to replace
stress, hurts and unmet needs.
Relationship patterns improve

Did You Know?

Resonance Repatterning:

~Provides a cutting-edge combination of traditional and alternative therapies

~Is routinely provided long-distance via phone or Skype

~Uses Resonance Kinesiology to access information from your energy field.

~Releases deep unconscious traumas and emotional blocks stored in your body n mind system…often on the first session.

~Works on the quantum level as described by Deepak Chopra and many others (to access information beyond what you can see (much like a school of fish or a flock of birds can operate as one.)

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I specialize in empowering people just like you in deep and lasting changes. Change from the inside out. Transformation. Often when all else has failed.

I do not accept insurance because I am not a licensed traditional therapist or counselor. I do not work with mental illness or offer treatments for severe depression. Content about fear of abandonment is not a substitute for psychiatric treatment.

“I’m doing another session because it’s the only thing I’ve found that actually does anything.”  A.T., Attorney, Australia

By Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.